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General terms and conditions of use
Operator data
• Enterprise: Tamás Fodor
• Location: 1074 Budapest Dohány utca 57. 2.e.
• Tax number: 3768823-1-42
• Contract language: English
• Contact:
• Phone: +36 30 5005729
• Erste Bank Hungary, IBAN: HU38 1160 0006 0000 0000 6448 0383
• Data management registration number: NAIH-134133/2017
• Host of service provider: Hostinger International Ltd. 61 Lordou Vironos Street 6023 Larnaca, Cyprus
The range of products and services that can be purchased
The web store sells books, descriptions and Excel files that can be used for the development of organizations and companies and for the planning of operations.
Ordering information
The displayed products can only be ordered online through the Web Store. Delivery is done electronically via a download link.
Our prices are VAT free.
In our webshop you can search among the Available Products by product categories. In addition to the listed products, you can view a short description, price and other features of each product, without claiming completeness. For more information about the product, click on the product image. You can then get more detailed information about the product through a video or readable image. If you need more in-depth information, please contact us by phone or e-mail in the footer of the website.
The ordering process
1. The buyer selects the items and options to order.
2. Select the payment method.
3. Continue shopping or click Next.
4. Fill in the customer information to create the invoice, then click Next.
5. Check the order and accept these terms. Upon acceptance of the terms and conditions of the GTC, a contract in accordance with these GTC shall be concluded between the Service Provider and the user of the Web Store. If you do not accept the terms and conditions of the GTC, you cannot use the services of the Webshop or send an order.
6. Click the “Buy Now” button.
7. For PayPal payments, click the Buy Now button on the Order Complete page. You will be redirected to the PayPal page where you will need to log in to your own account and then you can pay the amount in your account or by credit card.
8. The system will send you an Order Confirmation and Számlá will send an pro-form invoice.
9. After your payment, you will be provided with a link in an email from which you can download the product. The link lasts for 3 days.

10. After the e-mail with the download link, an invoice will be sent.
The contract of sale has been concluded
If an order comes through on the Web Store and the system confirms it by e-mail, a sales contract is concluded and is governed by the law of Hungary. (If the order confirmation e-mail is not received by the customer within 48 hours, the customer is released from the offer, and is not obliged to buy the ordered product.)
The provisions of these GTC apply to the contract.
Order processing
Orders are processed on business days from 8 am to 5 pm. It is also possible to place an order outside of the times marked as order processing, but if it is made after the end of working hours, the order will only be processed on the following working day. The deadline for fulfillment of the accepted order is 1 working day from the confirmation.
Right of withdrawal
The buyer can exercise his right of withdrawal if he has not yet received the e-mail with the attached e-books or Excel templates as an attachment. Cancellations can be made to the email address or phone number on the footer.
Payment Terms
Depending on the choice of invoices, they will be sent on electronically (as an e-mail attachment).
Payment is possible from a PayPal account, by credit card via the PayPal account or by bank transfer.
At the same time as the fulfillment (sending the limit for downloading the ordered items), Számlá will send the invoice. In case of bank transfer, the payment is due on the 5th day after the execution.
The products are protected by copyright, so the downloader is only entitled to use them for his own purposes! It is forbidden to copy and distribute the products and their parts electronically without permission! Excel templates only work on the machine on which they were first opened.
I undertake a 12-month repair warranty on Excel spreadsheets. If you purchase the page protection unlock code, the warranty only applies to the downloaded page with a page protection. Errors can be reported to the email address or phone number on the footer.
Complaints handling
Complaints can be submitted in writing to the e-mail address provided in the footer. I will investigate the complaint within 30 days of receiving it and provide a substantive response. If I reject a complaint, I will give reasons in writing. Disputes arising from your contract may be settled primarily amicably, by agreement or before the competent consumer protection authority according to the place of residence of the buyer. If these do not lead to a result, the parties will have to go to court.
Data handling
I treat the personal data provided to you during the use of the web store confidentially, I forward them to Szémlá for the purpose of issuing and sending the invoice.
When browsing the web store, technical information is recorded (for example, in the form of log files containing the user's ip address, time, URL of the page visited), which cannot be used for personal identification, but is used for statistical purposes. The system also stores data on the user's computer in the form of so-called cookies. Cookies are not personally identifiable and live during the session.
In order to use the web store system, it is necessary to enable the use of cookies in your browser, without which certain functions will not work.
An invoice will be prepared for the ordered product, the storage of which will be stored in the manner and for the period prescribed by the applicable legislation.
Other provisions
In matters not regulated in these general terms and conditions, the Civil Code (Act V of 2013), 45/2014 on contracts concluded in absentia for consumer contracts. the provisions of a government decree shall prevail.
Budapest, July 23, 2020
Tamás Fodor
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