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Gantt Chart Template for Excel

Origin of the Chart

The first similar to Gantt chart to display interdependent activities the diagram was invented by Polish engineer Karol Adamiecki in 1896. He called it "Harmonogram.
 "The Gantt chart was developed by Henry Gantt (1861–1919), who is known to all project managers, but even today they are made by hand editing in spreadsheets or word processors.

What is the Gantt chart used for?

Gantt chart are  useed for planning and scheduling complex task series as a project. The chart help you assess how  long each task and the project should take and plan the  order of the tasks in which you'll complete the project. The Gantt diagram also helps to manage the dependencies between

Features of Gantt chart Excel template

The Excel schema table offered here allows you to create a Gantt chart showing the time downflow of a project. Sophisticated spreadsheet formulas and Visual Basic macro programs provide easy and efficient charting, a proven tool for managing, scheduling, and controlling projects over time.
• The Gantt charts are created automatically by specifying the name of the project plan task, their start date and duration. The program draws the line of the activity from the given date to the deadline
• The links between the tasks can be marked with arrows to facilitate the overview
• By entering the % progress, the program displays the proportional completion with a blue line below the task timeline
• Overdue deadlines appear in red in the Gantt charts, drawing the project manager's attention to the tasks that are overdue,
• Number of planned phases, subprojects: 5, which means that a larger project can be divided into parts, sections
• Number of tasks for projects: 30, so the total number of planned tasks are 150
• Time horizon: 3 years
• The Gantt charts can be constructed in daily, weekly, decade, or monthly views by copying tasks, start dates, and time periods on different worksheets
• Unnecessary rows and columns can be easily hidden, allowing easier viewing of the entire table
• Cells, rows and columns can be formatted (width, height, font, color, cell color)
• The template is also available in Hungarian.

Download and study the limited-edition trial version.

Short video: how the spreadsheet works!

Gantt chart by Excel template
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