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4 reasons to use Excel templates
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Published by Tamás Fodor in Excel template · 3 August 2020
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4 reasons to use Excel templates

Excel templates support repeatability and efficiency. Creating spreadsheets for plans, reports, projects or tenders takes valuable time and money. Instead, use an Excel template and focus on the content and completing the tasks. Templates can be customized as needed.
Templates bring a myriad of benefits to SMEs without serious IT systems, including ease of use, cost and time savings, and error reduction. Let's look at these in a little more detail!

1. Templates are easy to use

Finished templates are easy to use. This is provided by worksheet formulas, macro programs, detailed user guides, and locked cells (no data can be written to).

2. Templates can save you money and time

Using templates reduces costs and time to create a table containing data. It is extremely cost effective to work with a template that already has a defined structure. This allows the person working to spend more time entering the content correctly, rather than creating a new spreadsheet.

3. Reducing errors

Mistakes are often made with spreadsheets routinely. tedious creation, such as copying and pasting formulas in tables. Templates are checked and locked cells containing formulas prevent errors. Please have a look at this slidshow for the most common excel errors.

4. Templates provide learning

The person working with the template gets acquainted with the structure and form and this prepares him for creating a similar template on his own.

I offer business Excel templates in my webshop. Currently, two templates - a Gantt chart and a Project liquidity plan - are available, but I am constantly expanding our offer.

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