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The Excel workbooks offered here, are designed to make the planning, forecasting and controlling work easier for managers. Business plans and forecasts contain lots and lots of spreadsheets, usually created with Microsoft Office Excel spreadsheet . If there isn't an Excel specialist, use these templates!
"Time is money" (Benjamin Franklin, 1736)
If a special Excel spreadsheet is requested, please write to me and your requirements will be implemented.
If further modifications are needed to the spreadsheets provided, then the key needed to unlock the protection can be purschased!
Clicking on the "I'am interested" button of a specific option will take you to the detailed page of the spreadsheet of your choice, where you can learn about how the workbook functions through descriptions, videos or images. Here you can "Add" the digital product to your cart, which you will receive via a download link. The trial program at the bottom of this page are free. The "Interested" button takes you to a registration page. Once registered, the selected template can be downloaded.

The common features of the templates are the following:

  • worksheets are protected to preserve formulas and macro programs,
  • unnecessary rows and columns can be hidden, which can improve the visibility of the worksheet,
  • rows, columns, cells can be formatted (height, width, color, font, font size) to ensure the aesthetic appearance of the table,
  • detailed user guide to support the work,
  • downloadable trial versions,
  • the security code can be purchased for further advancement of the program.
Excel template for Gantt chart
Excel template for project liquidity plan

Gantt chart

An Excel template to help you plan and control project tasks over time, which automatically draws Gantt bar chart timeline based on the data you enter.
Price: EUR 15
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Projekt liquidity

The project liquidity planner spreadsheet presents the development of liquidity on the basis of the cash flow for the project period, which is an important input for corporate fiscal planning. Price: EUR 10

Return on Investment Plan

The table calculates the return on an investment, NPV and IRR, based on its cashflow. The results of the return calculation are the data for corporate business and financial planning. Price: EUR 15

Company liquidity planning

The template enables the planning of short-term (actual month + 4 months) liquidity of the company based on the company's customer and supplier stocks, planned sales, purchases and costs. Price: EUR 10

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